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About Leilei Best 3D PLA Filament 1.75 mm

Why You Should Buy Leilei 3D PLA Filament

1. Long Service Life

2. High Temperature Resistance

3. Easy To Shape

4. Neat Spool, No Tangle

5. Extrude Smoothly

6. High Success Rate

7. Free 1KG/3KG Best PLA Filament Will Be Send For 3D Printer Orders

About Package Of Leilei 3D Printer PLA Filament

Announcements During Using Leilei PLA 3D Printer Filament

1. Install the spool on the spool holder of a 3D printer, and preheat the nozzle of the 3D printer

2. Cut the PLA filament tip diagonally, and pass it through the extruder and feeding tube

3. Manually push the filament through the feeding tube to the nozzle, until the filament melt through the nozzle

4. Please pay more attention to the heat nozzle when using the PLA filament material to avoid the scald situation occurred

5. Please make sure the nozzle is smoothly when you changing and install the PLA 3D Filament to avoid the blockage of nozzle occurs

6. If you have any questions about the using method of 3D PLA filament, please kindly contact us

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